Universal Grade Pigments have the complete color range of iron oxide red, yellow, black, orange, brown, and compound green, which have excellent color consistency and dispersibility, and strong tinting strength, and also can be used in universal fields, like construction, paper, plastic, rubber, asphalt, paint, coating, and mulch etc.

Construction Grade Iron oxide pigments Pigments have the characteristics of good color consistency between each lot; good dispersibility in cement products; strong weather resistance that can protect the basic material from disgrading; strong tinting strength; and economical price.

Paint & Coating Grade Pigments have the characteristics of better color consistency between each color and brighter color; low viscosity and low oil absorption, which help to produce pigment dispersions & paste with solid contents ≥70%; particle size less than 20 micro and more uniform with good dispersibility, less sediment, reduce dispersing time; highly reduce grinding time, give more stability to finished products; and strong tinting strength, can reduce dosage.

Micronized Grade Pigments have the characteristics of particle size < 17um, Hegmans > 7um; better color consistency between each lot, more bright color; excellent dispersibility, reduce dispersing time, improve production efficiency; strong tinting strength, reduce dosage; full range red, yellow, black types at customer’s choice; widely applied in coatings, paint, ink, plastic, leather, paper, etc.

Special Treatment Grade Pigments comprise high-density grade, heat stable grade, and low heavy metal grade.

Pigments can be widely used in the industries of concrete, tiles, pavements, masonry, paints, coating, asphalt, rubber, plastics, paper, mulch, etc. They can add value and visual appeal to your products. Cement/ Concrete/ Tile/Pavement/Masonry/Asphalt, Plastic/ Rubber/ Paper, Paint/ Coating, and Mulch are widely acceptable in the Garden green coverage for their environmental and economic.


  • 25kg paper bag with plastic inner
  • 20kgs/25kgs colored valve bag
  • 25kgs low melting PE bag
  • 25kgs water-soluble bags
  • 25kg kraft paper bag
  • 500kg- 1100kg flexible container bag

Pigments are packed in a variety of professional packaging, palletized and shrink-wrapped, suitable for long-distance transportation. To guarantee the quality of packaging at the destination, most of our products are loaded into containers inside our factory.